Musical Trip Around the World

Award-winning “Musical Trip Around the World” program for youth! 

Miho and Diego will introduce their native music and encourage the audience to participate by joining them in singing in both Japanese and Spanish as well as body percussion. This program is designed to have children/youths understand different cultures and languages by introducing a new genre of music.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn the names and histories of various instruments that are very rare to find in the States. This 45 minute program includes elements that appeal to audiences of all ages.    

Miho and Diego have found great joy in exploring and mastering the musical traditions of their own countries and feel it is a wonderful tool to stay connected to their roots even after leaving their homes. It is from this joy that the concept of this program is derived; to encourage participants, whether born in or outside of the United States, to begin to discover and explore their own heritage. The program aims to accomplish this goal by combining two of the most natural and powerful aspects of cultural identity, music and language.

Miho and Diego consider “A Musical Trip Around the World” the honest pursuit of the discovery, exploration, and, most importantly, the appreciation of alternative cultures through music. In order to maintain this goal, Miho and Diego  continue to improve their own cultural awareness through extensive research, participation in the activities of various communities and schools, and expanding their connections, repertoire, and collection of instruments by learning from and associating with the natives of other countries. 

As immigrant artists, Miho and Diego have observed discrimination based on their ethnicity and cultural traditions. They have, over time, realized that much of discriminatory behavior is not based on hate, but instead on a lack of understanding. Thus, it has become their goal to design a program centered around familiarizing children with different cultures and ways of life at very young ages in the hope of eliminating that harmful fear before it has a chance to take root and grow.  

This program has been performed/supported by the King County Public Library System, The Pierce County Public Library System, The Seattle Public Library System, K-12 public schools in King County, Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival and various organization around Washington State. 

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